Sonar Festival São Paulo 2014

Sonar Festival at Sao Paulo is a remarkable mashup festival for music, film and video. It features nearly 30,000 people for 48 different music performances at three different stages and about 46 hours of non – stop music.It’s one hell of a party that must be booked for already! Book your flight tickets already because Brazil will be attracting quite a lot of tourists during the Sonar Festival 2014.Picture2

This year playing will be Scottish Band Mogwai, American DJ Seth Troxler, Brazilian artists Gui Boratto, Gang Do Electro, Silva, John Talabot from Barcelona and techno maestro Jeff Mills and the likes. The festival is like a culmination of various cultures that come together to celebrate music and New Media Art. The line up this year will present some exciting Spanish talents as well. You might not be able to get discounts for the festival tickets but you sure can try and get your hands on some cheap air flights to get to this great party.

The Sonar is a first class, pioneering festival which has a reputation for leading international festivals just by the virtue of it being an event that carefully balances the cultural offerings. It was founded to link creativity with technology and be a global meeting point where people from various communities, cultures and disciplines come together. Sonar has travelled around the world from New York to London, Frankfurt, Seoul, Chicago, Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Buenos Aires etc.

Sau Paulo is a much appreciated tourist spot and the largest city of Brazil. It’s full of world class restaurants, diverse regional as well as international cuisines. There is the Avenida Paulista, the historic centre, river area called Rio Pinheiros along with the beautiful leisure parks, eco-tourism parks and the cultural centers and museums. One can visit the Sao Paulo zoo, Aquarium, watch football and also take the city’s historical tour to see the place up close and personal. You can book your flight tickets easily and get cheap air flights by booking early and through flights like Copa Air and the likes that cater specifically to that area.

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