Must Visit Places in Panama

Tourism in Panama is growing at a great speed owing to the country’s spine of mountains and lush greens that have a diverse wildlife along with the waterways; the most famous of which is the Panama Canal where Pacific and Atlantic Oceans meet. Panama is worth a visit if you want to see a blend of modern infrastructure with the natural environment that comprises of greens, mountains as well as waterbodies. Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Panama are:

Panama CanalPanama Canal: It is one of the most famed attractions here. Crossing the entire canal takes about eight hours and tourists at times choose to explore itat the Miraflores Locks Museum as well. The roof top restaurant at the museum gives the visitors a view of the transiting vessels that lie below. This canal is known as one of the world’s greatest piece of engineering.

Coiba National Marine Park: This Island is one of thCoiba National Marine Parke largest ones in Central America and a home to nearly 800 species of marine life. It is a great place to enjoy scuba diving in the Pacific Coast and witness marine diversity at its best.


San Blas Islands: San Blas IslandsTo explore Panama’s culture and indigenous tribes, visit the San Blas Islands. People of Panama, the Kuna are rich in culture, warm and welcoming.


Volcan BaruVolcan Baru: This is the highest geographical point in Panama, offering great adventure for those who love hiking and mountain climbing. For those who want a more peaceful and relaxed time, there are the hot springs that are fed from the thermal water that lies below the dormant volcano.

Pearl IslandsPearl Islands: These Islands have dense green forests that are surrounded by white beaches and several resorts on these Islands offer air trip and chartered private yachts to explore islands and for cruising. The Contadora Island is the most developed one out of the lot.

Clear blue seas, dense green forests and mountains that are enveloped with white clouds make Panama one of the most attractive destinations in the world; totally a must visit!

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