Factors affecting airline Customer Satisfaction


Like any other industry, even the air travel industryis directly affected by how happy and content the consumers are. There are a number of factors that affect them, some of which are in the hands of the Airline companies and some are not. However, all these factors together influence the level of satisfaction. A few things that affect this up to a large extent, in the airline industry, are as follows:

  • Prices: Like in any other industry, even in the Air travel business, customers are most easily affected by price of the service. Cheap airline tickets, airline deals and easy reservations etc., all of them together help the airline gather the goodwill of a customer.
  • Customer Service:Traveling can be stressful therefore a good customer service can help the traveler be comfortable and relaxed all throughout the journey. Airline staff must make it a point to serve with a smile as it will leave a lasting impression on the minds of the customer and as a result, the airline is sure to gainhappy customers.
  • Safety regulations: Though every traveler at the airport stresses about the security checks but in the end, they are always happy to know that they are safe and secured. Therefore, the airline staff should also be careful about the safety of its passengers; everyone is happy to know that they are safe!

Other services:

  • Regular updates to the flyer:The customers might get irritated when they come to know about a delay but they would still like to know about it in advance. This will help them plan their life around the air travel, better. Customer satisfaction is widely affected by how much the airlines value their customer’s time.
  • Food:This factor plays a major role on the level of satisfactionof the travelers. The variety can be limited but the airlines must make sure that the food is of good quality and is fresh.
  • Chaperon or special assistance: There are a few who require assistance at the airport like the senior citizens, young children, mothers with infants and people with disabilities and restricted mobility etc. How well such people are treated by the flight staff, helps the airline make a good impression, not just on those who are being served but also on those who are around and can see the services being rendered.

Any business flourishes only if the customers are happy and content. Therefore, customer satisfaction must be of prime importance for the airline companies as well. And they should always bear in mind that, “a happy customers will go back and tell their friends about them but a dissatisfied customer will tell the world!”

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