Sonar Festival São Paulo 2014

Sonar Festival at Sao Paulo is a remarkable mashup festival for music, film and video. It features nearly 30,000 people for 48 different music performances at three different stages and about 46 hours of non – stop music.It’s one hell of a party that must be booked for already! Book your flight tickets already because Brazil will be attracting quite a lot of tourists during the Sonar Festival 2014.Picture2

This year playing will be Scottish Band Mogwai, American DJ Seth Troxler, Brazilian artists Gui Boratto, Gang Do Electro, Silva, John Talabot from Barcelona and techno maestro Jeff Mills and the likes. The festival is like a culmination of various cultures that come together to celebrate music and New Media Art. The line up this year will present some exciting Spanish talents as well. You might not be able to get discounts for the festival tickets but you sure can try and get your hands on some cheap air flights to get to this great party.

The Sonar is a first class, pioneering festival which has a reputation for leading international festivals just by the virtue of it being an event that carefully balances the cultural offerings. It was founded to link creativity with technology and be a global meeting point where people from various communities, cultures and disciplines come together. Sonar has travelled around the world from New York to London, Frankfurt, Seoul, Chicago, Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Buenos Aires etc.

Sau Paulo is a much appreciated tourist spot and the largest city of Brazil. It’s full of world class restaurants, diverse regional as well as international cuisines. There is the Avenida Paulista, the historic centre, river area called Rio Pinheiros along with the beautiful leisure parks, eco-tourism parks and the cultural centers and museums. One can visit the Sao Paulo zoo, Aquarium, watch football and also take the city’s historical tour to see the place up close and personal. You can book your flight tickets easily and get cheap air flights by booking early and through flights like Copa Air and the likes that cater specifically to that area.

Seabreeze Jazz Festival 2014

Every year Panama City Beach witnesses one of the best Jazz Festival in the entire United State of America. This year the 2014 Seabreeze Jazz festival will be held between 23rd April to 27th April where fans would experience fantastic and soulful music at the beautiful white beaches with gushing waters. Since a lot of tourists attend the festival, cheap flights to South America are quite difficult to get during these times.Picture1

It began in the year 1998 as a weekend of music where only a few hundreds of people attended it but the popularity has grown and now nearly 25,000 guests are attracted towards this festival and the number is growing year on year. For the same reason one should try and get early air tickets and also make reservations etc. beforehand to avoid troubles after reaching the destination.

The festival has been nominated for the Oasis Smooth Jazz Award which is known as the Grammy’s of Smooth Jazz in the category of ‘Best Jazz Festival in the USA.’ This has also been termed as one of the top 10 Jazz festivals that take place in the world. This year artists like Dave Koz, Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue, Brian Culbertson, Richard Elliot, Maysa, Alex Bugnon, Micheal J Thomas and Jones and Company are the few names who would perform along with a lot of other famed artists as well.

What makes this festival quite catchy is the fact that the location of the festival is wonderful and as serene as the music that is played during the event. Pier Park Amphitheatre, the place where the 14th Annual Seabreeze Jazz festival will be held, is quite a location and is expected to be star studded during the weekend. Therefore, get your flight tickets done so that you don’t end up missing this amazing music festival that is exciting as well as quite exquisite.

For a visit to Panama City during this festival, try and look at deals which airlines like CopaAir will be offering because it is only with such deals that one would be able to get air tickets that would be priced low, otherwise due to increase in traffic, the air ticket would turn out to be a pretty major expense. Try book early, which can help you get better deals and also use your frequent flyer points which can help you book cheap flights to South America. These would help you save a decent amount of money as well as let you enjoy the festival even more.

Must Visit Places in Panama

Tourism in Panama is growing at a great speed owing to the country’s spine of mountains and lush greens that have a diverse wildlife along with the waterways; the most famous of which is the Panama Canal where Pacific and Atlantic Oceans meet. Panama is worth a visit if you want to see a blend of modern infrastructure with the natural environment that comprises of greens, mountains as well as waterbodies. Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Panama are:

Panama CanalPanama Canal: It is one of the most famed attractions here. Crossing the entire canal takes about eight hours and tourists at times choose to explore itat the Miraflores Locks Museum as well. The roof top restaurant at the museum gives the visitors a view of the transiting vessels that lie below. This canal is known as one of the world’s greatest piece of engineering.

Coiba National Marine Park: This Island is one of thCoiba National Marine Parke largest ones in Central America and a home to nearly 800 species of marine life. It is a great place to enjoy scuba diving in the Pacific Coast and witness marine diversity at its best.


San Blas Islands: San Blas IslandsTo explore Panama’s culture and indigenous tribes, visit the San Blas Islands. People of Panama, the Kuna are rich in culture, warm and welcoming.


Volcan BaruVolcan Baru: This is the highest geographical point in Panama, offering great adventure for those who love hiking and mountain climbing. For those who want a more peaceful and relaxed time, there are the hot springs that are fed from the thermal water that lies below the dormant volcano.

Pearl IslandsPearl Islands: These Islands have dense green forests that are surrounded by white beaches and several resorts on these Islands offer air trip and chartered private yachts to explore islands and for cruising. The Contadora Island is the most developed one out of the lot.

Clear blue seas, dense green forests and mountains that are enveloped with white clouds make Panama one of the most attractive destinations in the world; totally a must visit!

Make Your Travel to a Developing Country More Enjoyable

When you visit a new country, it is one of the most authentic and exhilarating experiences, especially if you are travelling there for the first time.Travelling to developing countries has become quite popular, particularly for those who live in developed countriePicture2s. If you are travelling to a country that has a developing economy, there are a few things that can help you mingle better and also, some things that one should never do specifically in a country that is a little traditional. Here’s a quick list:

Know The Country: Take time out and learn a little about the destination which you are travelling to. This research is important, not just because it helps you plan your visit better but also it’s good to stay aware and be alert about what’s happening there. A part of your research can be conversing with some travellers who have been to the country before. You can do this on travel websites or even your airline website as well will give you all the information that you would require to know about the country you are travelling to.

Study About The Traditions And Taboos: Most of the developing countries or rather any country, is very strict about their tradition therefore, add this study to the list of “Things to do” before you travel so that you don’t end up getting in trouble.

Don’t Give Handouts: However tempting it may seem, don’t do this because you never know how the kids or their parents would react. In fact in many countries it could land you into trouble.

Keep Your Eyes And Ears Open: This is a tip that most travellers would offer because this helps you understand viewpoints of those who are around you and also it would help you understand the country and people better.

Apart from these, always keep your common sense at work because you never know when it might come handy. Plan your trip well and keep a close eye on money exchanges, don’t carry valuables, respect the culture and traditions of that area and above all, have fun!

South America; make a trip to remember!

Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and the likes; there is so much that makes South America as one of the most sought after destination for a vacation. Like for all the other trips, do remember to take look for the cheap flight deals to South America and enjoy the vacation even more!

South America encapsulates diverse traditions and culture, ranging from the lively beaches of Brazil to quiet and peaceful towns of Colombia. Brazil gives one glimpses of life that’s loud and exciting whereas a place like Argentina will take one back in time and on a journey ofthe European, Native Indian and Middle Easternart and architecture. Spectacular landscapes, lush green rainforests and sultry beaches with lively and jovial people all around, South America have a lot to offer!

ImageMoreover, thanks to the growing competition all around, whether hotels or air travel companies, everyone today is offering cheap deals that make these destinations even more tempting. There are a lot of airlines that offer cheapflight deals off the internet, where you would also be able to find and compare hotel and travel rates that would make your vacation to South America even more fun and exciting. Moreover, now gone are the days when deals were limited, today they extend to even the business class air travels as well as all seven star properties and resorts; you just need to get your sources (read as; ‘Internet search’) right!

Some popular destinations for Brazil are Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Brasilia whereas for Argentina you can plan Buenos Aires and Cordoba. Apart from these you can also explore Peru, Chile and places like Cali, Medellin and San Andres Island in Colombia. Each of these places blend in life, modernity along with erstwhile cultures and traditions that prevailed; thereby, offering you a vacation that will not have a dull moment.

Factors affecting airline Customer Satisfaction


Like any other industry, even the air travel industryis directly affected by how happy and content the consumers are. There are a number of factors that affect them, some of which are in the hands of the Airline companies and some are not. However, all these factors together influence the level of satisfaction. A few things that affect this up to a large extent, in the airline industry, are as follows:

  • Prices: Like in any other industry, even in the Air travel business, customers are most easily affected by price of the service. Cheap airline tickets, airline deals and easy reservations etc., all of them together help the airline gather the goodwill of a customer.
  • Customer Service:Traveling can be stressful therefore a good customer service can help the traveler be comfortable and relaxed all throughout the journey. Airline staff must make it a point to serve with a smile as it will leave a lasting impression on the minds of the customer and as a result, the airline is sure to gainhappy customers.
  • Safety regulations: Though every traveler at the airport stresses about the security checks but in the end, they are always happy to know that they are safe and secured. Therefore, the airline staff should also be careful about the safety of its passengers; everyone is happy to know that they are safe!

Other services:

  • Regular updates to the flyer:The customers might get irritated when they come to know about a delay but they would still like to know about it in advance. This will help them plan their life around the air travel, better. Customer satisfaction is widely affected by how much the airlines value their customer’s time.
  • Food:This factor plays a major role on the level of satisfactionof the travelers. The variety can be limited but the airlines must make sure that the food is of good quality and is fresh.
  • Chaperon or special assistance: There are a few who require assistance at the airport like the senior citizens, young children, mothers with infants and people with disabilities and restricted mobility etc. How well such people are treated by the flight staff, helps the airline make a good impression, not just on those who are being served but also on those who are around and can see the services being rendered.

Any business flourishes only if the customers are happy and content. Therefore, customer satisfaction must be of prime importance for the airline companies as well. And they should always bear in mind that, “a happy customers will go back and tell their friends about them but a dissatisfied customer will tell the world!”

Preventing Yourself from Getting Stressed in a Long Distance Air Travel

Stress Less Air Travel

Taking an Air travel for a long distance can be really stressing. No matter what we do if we have a single bad experience in our travel we end up in a spoiled vacation or a spoiled business trip. It is thus really very important to follow certain basic rules while taking an air trip for long time duration. If we follow just some simple steps while travelling, then we can reduce a lot of stress and fatigue that comes along with the long distance air travels. These are few tips that you can follow to ease your long duration air travel.

Booking a Comfortable Seat

If it is fixed that you have to take an air travel necessarily of 12-20 hours, then it is very necessary to book your seat in a comfortable space. Although it is not possible to be comfortable in economy class for 12-20 hours, but if in case there is a situation then you should avoid taking a middle seat. Nothing can be worst than travelling in a middle seat for 12-20 hours. A middle seat would just add to the worries of the travel. Instead plan your journey well-in-advance and get a comfortable seat. Also do not mistake to get a seat near a washroom or gale.

Wearing Comfortable Clothes

Always wear comfortable clothes; a long journey travel is not something a matter of adding fashion-statement to it. Wear a sweatshirt or jacket that you can pull on and off according to your likings and according to the environment. Also keep an extra pair of clothing for you as in case of your clothes getting damped or stained with something on a long distance journey. It can be a very non-pleasing thing to travel in for a 12-20 hours journey with those clothes.

Keep your gadgets Handy

Your gadgets would save you from getting bored and also make your journey easy. There are entertainment tools available these days in airlines, but it is better to keep one of yours just in case they do not have one. I have come across one airline that has really good entertainment and comfort facility available for its travelers that is Copa Airlines.

Co-operating with Other Passengers

It is also very necessary to take care of the other travelers along with you in the journey. You should not do such activity that disturbs other passengers on the travel. Like do not keep high volumes of your gadgets, do not use some strong fragrances while travelling. People gets disturbed by these small activities of yours, you should be also keeping their point of view in mind.

There are many airlines providing comfortable leg spaces and sitting spaces. You should carefully select a good airline; if you get in a good airline then half of your problems would be solved on its own. There are many good airlines available with best services. One such best in class airline that I have travelled in is Copa Airlines. They have a good interior as well as more leg-spaces, comfortable seats and traveler oriented services.

Things You Should Know About Panama

Panama is a wonderful city attracting tourists from all parts of the world from its scenic beauty. One can have an amazing experience in this city. There are certain things that one must know before planning their vacation to Panama in order to have a pleasant and safe trip. The article provides a list of things that one must know before making a trip to Panama.


Panama is a country that enjoys a pleasant tropical weather and the daytime temperature will be 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The normal humidity is 70%. The city has a green season from mid-April to November. Panama is hot nevertheless of what month you travel,and it is best to pack shorts and sandals for the hot climate.

Currencyand Language:

Balboa is the local currency of the city. The US Dollar also accepted in Panama and openly accepted for goods and services.  Credit cards widely accepted. Spanish is the official language in Panama. Panamanians also speak English,and they love speaking English with the visiting travellers.


Light clothes are advised. Business outfit is formal. A tailored suit or two-piece pant suit are recommended for women and a light jacket for men. Sun glasses and wide brim hat are good ideas.


The local tap water is safe to drink when spending time in Panama. It is the only city in Latin America where one can drink the water from the tap. No pills or vaccines are required prior visiting Panama. The tropical climate can be strong, so it is recommended to take sunscreen and protective sunglasses with you.

Tourist offices: 

The national tourist agency headquartered in Centro Atlapa, in Panama City helps the tourists to explore the Panama City. The offices found throughout the Panama,and they provide all the essential information for tourists and visitors and make them have excellent experience in Panama.

Most beaches in Panama are remote:

If you are planning to make a tour to the Panama beaches, then you need to carry all the essentials including water, food, sunscreen and more. It is advisable to pack everything that you need as the beaches are remote,and there are no stores around these beaches.

Panama is a beautiful city to visit; one can have a delightful time in this city. Panama is a perfect holiday destination. There are several places to visit in Panama such as Panama Canal, Boquete, Pearl islands, Amador causeway, Volcan Baru, coiba, and more. There are many islands in Panama such as Pearl Island, san Blas Island, and more.  One can have an amazing vacation at Panama. One can spend beautiful and relaxing holidays at Panama. Travel to Panama by British, Canada, Americans and many other countries do not require visas. One can truly have an awesome vacation in Panama, and there are various places to visit and things to do in Panama. Panama City offers plenty of things to both locals and tourists. Panama is an excellent place to live in and best travel destination.

Prepare Your Child For The Alone Air Travel Trip


Sending your kids on an air travel may be considered as an extremely nerve wracking for you. There are so many factors that we must take into account if we have decided to fly our kids alone during the summer or winter travel trips.  There may be presence of some situations in which kids have to fly on the individual basis to any destination place. In order to make the trip of your child smooth, comfortable, safe and enjoyable, I have shortlisted some below mentioned essential points for you so that you can review them prior to go to Book Flights.

Preparing Your Kid

We have to explain all the details of the upcoming trips to kids so that they can feel comfortable and prepared. Realizing the travel procedure will not only improve stress for your kid, but as well as for you. You can try to offer them as much amount of information as you can if possible. There are so many things that you can explain to your kid regarding talking to someone, taking food, luggage and so on. You may also wish to mention the probability of turbulence and what these things comprise of prior to doing the Flight Reservations.

Packing Activities

As per my opinion, it is always the best idea to pack a wide range of activities for your kid to acquire part in on an airplane. You can opt for numerous activities such as books, games, drawing pads, coloring pads or some kind of puzzling activities. It is a common known fact that flights may be boring even for younger persons or adults, therefore, we can suppose how someone with inches long attention period might feel. These  packing activities will also create the flights go by quicker for your kid. You can pack different activities according to the terms and conditions of the airline agencies prior to Book Flights. This is due to the fact that there may be the presence of a few restrictions on any of the activities that we want to pack in the luggage of kids.

Creating Familiarity

As your kid will be available in an unfamiliar environment alone for some time, it may assist to pack one of their preferred items in luggage’s or carry-on. It will supplement some comfort and security to their travel experience and they will not get bored and feel alone on an entire trip.

Packing Necessary Information

You need to ensure to pack a short medical history in the carry-on luggage of your child along with the list of a calling card and emergency contact numbers prior to go for doing the Flight Reservations. We can suggest the airline representative about the fact where they can discover such information and also inform our children.

These are some important factors that we should take into account prior to Book Flights.

Brazil Tourist Destination: Guide for Travelers

Brazil Tourist Destination:  Guide for Travelers

With the FIFA world cup, 2014 is about to happen in just next six months and if you are the fan then I am going to recommend you to book your Airline Tickets today. Booking early will assist you in saving a lot of money. Brazil is a place, which is one of the top destinations in the world and more and more tourists flock to Brazil to have lots of fun on their vacation. The 2014 FIFA world cup will attract a huge crowd to the city. Apart from enjoying world cup, you can enjoy visiting several other places and activities in the country.

Must See Places

Entertainment will be the right name to identify Brazil, this beautiful country of South America is beautiful having miles of coastlines, joyful nightlife, brilliant sunshine, kinds of beaches and historical places and variety of activities, festivals and much more. The country will offer you with lifetime experiences and it is also known as the land of contrast. I always recommend people to visit Brazil once in their lifetime because of the diversity of places and fun the country offers. You will also get cheap Airline Tickets.

Book Online

You might be wondering from where to start your planning a trip to Brazil. There is nothing to worry about, as today you will find that everything can be done online. I will recommend you to make a little research. You can book E-Ticket, which means online ticket. You are going to find plenty of websites from where you can book your tickets. You will get plenty of deals to Brazil because of the grand event of FIFA 2014 happening in the next six months. After that pack your baggage and take off.

Have an Amazing Vacation In Brazil

People who have already travelled to Brazil always have a desire to visit this place once more. This is due to the reason that you are going to find amazing restaurants. You will also get an affordable E – Ticket to Brazil.

Reasons Why to Travel To Brazil

There are plenty of reasons why you should travel to Brazil. Apart from getting Cheap Airline Tickets and attending FIFA 2014 world cup there are plenty of other activities which you can do such as carnival, caricocas (the women of Rio de Janerio  are known as Caracas)  and they are well known  for being friendly  and hospitable to visitors . Not only women but men are also friendly so do not hesitate to talk to men’s in Brazil. Among Brazil, there are several other cities, which you can visit.

Some of the most popular destinations in Brazil  are Fernando de Noronha island, Olinda, Rio Novo, Chapada dimension, aquaria natural, Ubatuba, aeroporto de UFO, bonito, Manaus opera house and much more. You can book your airline tickets from Copa airlines and have heavy discounts & offers.